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       Born in the "City of Lights", downtown Aurora, IL.,  J. Edward has been creating since the age of 7.  He was given a piano and "Great Balls of Fire" was heard throughout the small neighborhood of Bristol, IL.  Playing the piano at home turned into performing in front of audiences and special occasions. That newfound adrenaline encouraged him to look for other avenues to be in the light.

     Sports wasn't it and the big, bulky, upright piano had to go.  But then at the age of 21, J. Edward turned into a nightclub DJ.  Playing 3-5 hour shifts straight with no breaks, he was back in the light providing entertainment through music from downtown Chicago to 40 keg parties out in the sticks.  
"At sometime in your life you need to stand next to a dj in his booth and feel the energy that surrounds you as he controls the crowd - it's indescribable.", says J.  Finally, growing up and doing something with his education, he began his career as a digital designer and wide-format digital printer (the stuff you see on buildings and bill boards).

     Working as a designer, one will tend to use photographs to complete the visual impact of a project.  But seeing how he is always looking for something new to learn, J. decides that he can make his own photographs for his print designs - and so he does.  Having his mentors professionally train him in the photography industry, J. has learned to keep it simple.
"Simple can still be amazing!", he says, "Besides a great eye that's willing to take a chance, a unique location to entice your viewer's curiosity, and a hot chick to stop the page from turning; all you need is simple lighting.  That and a camera, an assistant, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, extra batteries, a laptop and cooperation from the weather!"
-- C. J. Warner, Nashville, TN.

Chicago photographer J. Edward Hall
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